Ateles geoffroyi


General description

Large primate. The head is small and the males do not have a beard.

The body is thin with very long limbs, the hands are provided with four fingers, which function as a claw.

The tail is long and prehensile, lacking hair on the tip.

His hair is silky and short.

The spider monkey is arboreal and diurnal. It lives in large group societies with 20 to 42 members.

The spider monkey uses various forms of non-vocal communication.

A curly tail or arched back can be used as a threat display towards other spider monkeys.

A head shake is used as a threat or an invitation to play.

Shaking branches or swinging arms are used as a warning of danger to the group.

It mainly inhabits the upper part of the forest, tropical humid environments and it is also possible to find spider monkeys in areas with secondary vegetation.

It is a frugivorous species, 80% of its diet is made up of ripe fruits and the remaining 20% ​​is made up of tender leaves, seeds, flowers, insects and bird eggs.

  • FAMILY: Atelidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ateles geoffroyi
  • IT’S FOUND:Central America, including Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and the south and great
    part of eastern Mexico.
  • LENGTH:  from 30 to 63cm
  • WEIGHT: 9kg

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