Amazona autumnalis


General description

The plumage is basically green, with a red forehead, yellow cheeks (sometimes with red spots).

The crown is blue and wide, they have bluish-blackish violet twig feathers towards the distal, with red patches on the outside of the secondary feathers.

Adult males and females do not differ in plumage; chicks have less yellow on cheeks and less red on forehead.

They do not have sexual dimorphism, that is, there is no physical difference between the male and the female, the only thing that could differentiate them is by the eye, if it is a female it has a pointed eye.

If he doesn’t have it like that, then he’s male.

Inhabits moist evergreen to semi-deciduous forests. also inhabits semi-open areas with isolated trees or small sectors of forest.

herbivore; fruits, leaf buds, flowers, seeds, nuts, and berries.

  • FAMILY: Psittacidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona autumnalis
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: From Mexico to Ecuador
  • LENGTH: 32 to 35cm
  • WEIGHT: 310 to 480g

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