Ara macao


General description

It is a very intelligent bird with a very long and pointed tail, the beak is bicolor, the upper part is bone white and the lower part is black.

The facial skin is almost bare white, it is partially covered by small almost imperceptible reddish feathers that form thin sinuous lines.

The females are smaller and their bill is more curved, thick and short, in addition to the male’s tail being slightly longer. Even so, it is difficult to determine its sex with the naked eye.

The plumage is mainly scarlet red, but the undercover rump and tail feathers are light blue, the upper wing coverts are yellow, the upper sides of the wing flight feathers are dark blue as well. that the tips of the tail feathers, and the underwing and tail flight feathers are dark red with metallic gold highlights.

They emit very loud squawks, screeches and cries, sometimes high-pitched and sometimes low, designed to call their groups for many miles.

It is native to tropical moist forests.

Its diet consists predominantly of seeds, although it also consumes fruits, nectar, insects, or the flowers, leaves, and stems of certain floors.

  • FAMILY: Psittacidae
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ara macao
  • STATE OF CONSERVATION: Least concern
  • IT’S FOUND: Central and South America
  • LENGTH: 81cm (aprox)
  • WEIGHT: 1kg (aprox) 

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