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Apami is a rehabilitation and release center for wild animals where we raise awareness about the responsible coexistence between animals and human beings.


In the heart of the lush beauty of Guanacaste, Tamarindo, Costa Rica, an extraordinary dream was born that would change the destiny of local wildlife. In 2007, Vanessa Jarrin, with an unwavering passion for conservation, founded the Monkey Park Foundation and gave life to APAMI Wildlife Rescue Center.

Vanessa became a pioneer by establishing the first wildlife rehabilitation and release center in Costa Rica run by a Costa Rican. His motivation arises from facing the harsh reality of wild animals confiscated or injured in the canton of Santa Cruz, without adequate shelter for their care and treatment.

Apami is not only limited to being a shelter; It is an ongoing commitment to wildlife and community. Vanessa and her team have worked tirelessly to offer opportunities to those who wish to immerse themselves in nature, contribute to the well-being of wildlife and participate in the construction of projects that ensure self-sustainability of the facilities.

The Monkey Park Culture and Natural Life Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to the administration and financing of the Apami Wildlife Rescue Center. Our rescue center depends on various sources of income, such as visiting people, sponsorship programs, donations and organizing activities. Every contribution we receive, whether through the experience of those who visit us, the continued support of our sponsors, generous donations or participation in events, allows us to continue our mission to protect and rehabilitate wildlife. Thanks to the solidarity of our community, we are building a sustainable future for local flora and fauna. Join us and be part of the active preservation of our beautiful biodiversity!

Our values

Cultural rescue



Gender equality

Our mission

Rescue and Rehabilitation of wildlife until balance and well-being are achieved between humans and nature. Educate our visitors about wildlife and the importance of working in this rehabilitation center where they learn to be part of the protection chain for wild wildlife. We also contribute to human development by supporting vulnerable groups of women and promoting culture. local.

Our Team

Karol Segura

Wild Animals Manager

Karen Robles

Administration and Marketing

Ismael Carranza

Regent Biologist

Clara Wiederkehr

Veterinary Advisor

Cristian Núñez


Jennifer Grein

Environmental Educator


Rehabilitation Expert


Rehabilitation Expert

Joana Yedro

Alimentation manager

Jaime Berrios

Garden Manager