Who is it for?:

Persons over 18 years old.

Suggested Schedule:
8am to 2pm, since it is the time in which most activities take place, however, you can stay longer than suggested, but not less than two hours.

You must make the reservation request through the form that you will find below, in it you will find as part of the questions if you require lodging or not, you can visit us whenever you like, as long as there is availability in the reservation plan, the reservation must be made at least 1 day in advance.

Have complete disposition in any activity that must be carried out, not only with animals, but also be clear that the activities are diverse and depend on the needs of the center that day.
The time in which reservations can be made one day in advance is before 3pm.

Volunteer fee without accommodation:
1 day: $24
3 days: $56
5 days: $88
7 days: $113

The fee includes lunch for each day

Volunteer fee with accommodation:
$40 per day, minimum 1 week* per person

*Minimum time of stay 1 week: if you want to volunteer with accommodation only for a few days or does not complete the week in the same way, the stipulated rate will be maintained in the case of nationals. In the case of foreigners, the fee of $40 dollars per day is maintained in the event that it is less than 1 week.

What includes?

-Lodging in a shared room for 4 people (if there were more volunteers for the date you choose to come), otherwise you would be alone in the room. 
-Equipped kitchen so you can prepare your meals, you can use it as long as you maintain the order and cleanliness of the space, and it is within your rest hours.
-Outdoor space at home.
-laundry area.
-Water and light.
-Programa de voluntariado.
-Participation certificate.

What is not included?

-Personal items, soap, cloth, shampoo etc.
-Detergent, softener.

****In case of cancellation we do not refund the money, but you can make a change of date at no cost, as long as there is availability. The Monkey Park Foundation is not responsible for any event that causes cancellation of your reservation.****

Write the number of days you want to volunteer